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Vision Erosion

Where is the world going? How are the crises emerging one after another affecting societies? How is starting each new day with the noise of unusual events affect our mental health? What will be the state of the country? Will this rush never come to an end? Will we be able to take a breathe and recognise the life? When will our minds, attacked by new information before finding a chance to ingest our ideas and theses, be crystallised? Will the quarrels, wars, contentions never end?Really, will there be life in the world in the future?
When you try to rest your physically and mentally tired body on a holiday, if you end up with lots of questions keeping your mind occupied, then you think you will never get a rest. 2006, starting with ourselves, society, our country and the entire world, puts all of us through a gruelling exam. Nowadays while we are approaching 2012, preposterous scenarios emerge from the files of conspiracy theorists one after another; on the other hand, concrete facts that we are faced with lead to "mind eclipses". Sometimes one feels as though Turkey is in the centre of everything happening in the world. This psychology causes the future anxiety in humans to reach its ceiling. The concern for future leads the society towards the endless pit of dissatisfaction and discontent. People are not satisfied anymore from anything. positive developments are buried in this pit of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the negative developments fall far from making the expected effect.
Turkish society has become so impassive that it does not care the forking paths that may determine Turkey's fate on an international scale, including the European Union membership. The introversive reflex, emerging with decreasing interest towards the outside world with this dangerous dissatisfaction and increasing nationalist emotions, should worry the country's government and make them think. For us to avoid this fire of war surrounding us, it has become necessary to overcome these concerns. Otherwise, we will become a society lost its common-sense completely and this situation is more than enough to darken our future. So how have we come / been brought to this state?
How have we come / been brought to this state of society which has not succeeded in economic development, not transited to an industrial society; which has stuck between the modern-day life and the peasantry, between the east and the west, between secularism and piety, between educated and uneducated, between wealth and poverty?
These questions have a single common answer: "erosion of vision."
The future construction, which existed at the time our young Republic was born, began to be forgotten over the years; at the end, it remained restrained to a narrow frame. We are never able to put the right parts together in this solutions pool that we have dived in to to complete the puzzle of Turkey.Because the solutions pool has been blurred so much over the years, we cannot even see what is before our eyes, we are unable to put together the right pieces floating next to us.
In an environment where those who cannot face the realities of the era they live in, those who close their receptors to all forms of innovation and those who do not have the equipment and energy required for running the projector which will illuminate the future with the light of the history have occupied the important positions; of course, there can be no recovery and progress. "Vision erosion" starting from individuals has turned into a vortex surrounding the society. If today, a teacher cannot see in the eyes of children a doctor, a lawyer, a member of parliament, a businessman or a scientist; if a farmer cannot earn with the harvested wheat enough to organise his son's wedding or to buy the tractor he has imagined; if a scientist is afraid of wasting his/her time with science-fiction stories; if a politician, whether in power or not, cannot plan the activity program of the next twenty years; then the vision that the country is ruined.
When we examine the pages of the history of humanity, we come across wars, peaces, crises, upheavals, all sorts of atrocities, all kinds of beauty and disasters in the heart of which stands the human factor.Today is no different from what happened in the past. In the final analysis, what happened is between the oppressor and the oppressed, and this relationship will continue forever. What we should consider is to determine how we can maintain our decent stance in the face of these developments and which tasks we can undertake for the solution. And we should turn our faces towards the distant future.

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