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From the President

The openning of new working period meeting was held at the Shangri-la hotel

Istanbul Development Agency meeting was held in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on 12th, September. Ms Nilüfer Bulut, Chair of TİKAD attended the meeting.

The 3rd KKTC SME Summit was organized by the the YAGA and the KOBİGEM in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with the theme 'Innovation and IT ´. Ms Nilüfer Bulut, chair of TIKAD, delivered a speech at the summit.

TİKAD in collaboration with Galatasaray University (GSÜ) and support from Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) established The Women Entrepreneurship Centre (GİKAMER). The press conference of the project was held in Istanbul.

7th Congress on Family issues will be held by Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services at Presidential palace on 2nd, May 2019. Ms Nilüfer Bulut, chair of TIKAD, attended the event.

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