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Year 2004 Activities

11 December 2004
Southeastern Business Women Association was established under the guidance of TİKAD.
01 December 2004
A press conference titled "Stop Non-Communication" was held in Beşiktaş İnönü Stadium to draw attention to social violence which reached its highest level with the Stands Terror. The problems caused by "non-communication" were mentioned in the meeting and it was announced to the public that TİKAD would start a campaign in this direction.
20 November 2004
AİKAD (Antalya Business Women Association) was established under the guidance of TİKAD.
11 November 2004
"Interfaith Tolerance" titled iftar dinner was held in Çırağan Palace with a high level of participation including Mrs Emine Erdoğan in the first place, Spiritual Leaders, and people from business, politics and art communities.
29 September 2004
TİKAD Board of Directors Chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut an TİKAD Board of Directors Members visited TÜSİAD Board of Directors Chairman Ömer Sabancı in his office.
25 September 2004
TİKAD Board of Directors Chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut and Board of Directors Members gathered in TİKAD Board of Directors Member Prof. Dr. Zehra Neşe Kavak's house and expressed their appreciations concerning the agenda over a press conference.
04 June 2004
With the establishment of DİKAD (Diyarbakır Business Women Association), the first step was taken towards dissemination of TİKAD's activity to entire Turkey.
25 May 2004
Ankara Chamber of Commerce Chairman Sinan Aygün and Board of Directors Members visited TİKAD Board of Directors Chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut in her office.
06 May 2004
German Business Women were welcomed in İstanbul Ritz Carlton Hotel. Turkey's membership to the European Union was discussed in the meetings and German Business Women promised their support for this matter. The meeting was announced to the public over
01 March 2004
Turkish Business Women Association (TİKAD) İstanbul was established.

7th Congress on Family issues will be held by Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services at Presidential palace on 2nd, May 2019. Ms Nilüfer Bulut, chair of TIKAD, attended the event.

Ms. Nilüfer Bulut, Chair of TIKAD, attended The Awards Ceremony of "The Women Who Give off Energy to Turkey" which was held on 14th of March at CRR by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. She is also a judge for The Awards.

"Ring the Bell for Gender Equality at Borsa Istanbul", a call to action for businesses in Turkey to advance women´s empowerment and gender equality, hosted by Borsa Istanbul and TIKAD on March 8, International Women´s Day

DEIK Founding Institutions and Corporate Members Meeting was held in Istanbul. Ms. Nilüfer Bulut, chair of TİKAD, attended the meeting organized by DEIK.

"Turkey & North Cyprus Investment and Economic Cooperation Conference" was held by Turkish Bussinesswomen Association and Eastern Mediterranean Policy Association in North Cprus, Kyrenia.

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