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Year 2007 Activities

13 December 2007
TİKAD Vice Chairwoman Ms Demet Çetindoğan Sabancı participated as speaker in the "Women in Business World" program of Türkonfed 11th Entrepreneurship and Business World Summit which was held in Eskişehir Anemon Hotel.
29 October 2007
A boat trip with dinner party was organised between 18:00 - 22:00 with attendance of our members and exclusive guests.
26 October 2007
A look into the future; Challenges and lesson learned" symposium was held in Çırağan Palace Mabeyn Hall. The symposium was organised by the World Academy of Art and Science-Waas (www.worlacademy.org). A total of 300 national and international participants attended the symposium and Mr Prime Minister participated in the symposium as one of the speakers.
18 October 2007
Ak Parti Gaziantep Member of Parliament and Ak Parti Women's Branch Head Ms Fatma Şahin visited our association's chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut in our association's facilities.
26 September 2007
"Interfaith Tolerance Iftar" was organised in Les Ottomans Hotel with attendance of TİKAD members, Istanbul Members of Parliament, Ministers, Consulates, Spiritual Leaders, Mr Prime Minister, Mr President and the business world among invited guests.
03 July 2007
A panel on Turkey's economic and political stability was held.
05 May 2007
Turkey - Istanbul Conference was held.
11 April 2007
Within the scope of NEWW's activities, the committee meeting was held in Paris.
05 April 2007
TİKAD was awarded the G.N.A.T. "Outstanding Service Award" in the awards ceremony held in G.N.A.T. ceremony hall with members of our association in attendance.
30 March 2007
A meeting titled "One for You, One for Me" which is regarded as "Zipper System" by the Europe was held with TÜSİAD Chairwoman Arzuhan Yalçındağ's participation as speaker.
08 March 2007
TİKAD Board of Directors Chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut participated in the panel titled "Our Women in Social Life" as one of the speakers. The panel was held in Nevşehir Cappadocia Culture and Arts Centre under the cooperation of Women's Statute General Directorate of the Ministry of State responsible for Women and Family and Nevşehir Municipality on the occasion of 8 March "World Women's Day".
07 March 2007
TİKAD participated in the dinner party hosted by the Minister of State and Chief Negotiator Mr Ali Babacan.
03 March 2007
TİKAD Board of Directors Chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut participated as speaker in the symposium organised by Kahramanmaraş Entrepreneur Women's Association.
10 February 2007
TİKAD participated in the South Africa meeting according to NEWW's activity calendar.
24 January 2007
"2006 Awards for Success" ceremony was held in Les Ottomans Hotel with attendance of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Poland President L. Kaczynsk to be given to the names determined by a Selection Committee of Academics due to their contributions to Turkey's development in Europe. Mr Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was awarded the "Statesman of the Year" whereas Mr President of Poland was awarded the "Foreign Statesman of the Year" due to his support to Turkey in the EU process.
01 January 2007
TİKAD attended the new year's organisation in the United Kingdom / London according to NEWW's activity calendar.

Turkey-Africa II. Economic And Business Forum was held in Istanbul on 10th-11th October, with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Chair of TIKAD Ms Nilüfer Bulut attended to the Forum

Turkish- Hungarian Business Forum was held in Budapest, as part of his official visit to Hungary. Ms Nilufr Bulut and Ms Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan attended the Forum.

First Lady Emine Erdogan hosted a meeting with the theme of "Empowerment of Women and Girls in Africa: Approaches for Building Lasting, Sustainable and Just Societies". Ms Nilüfer Bulut attended the Meeting.

TIKAD board attended the presentation of New Economic Programme which was held by Treasury and Finance Ministery. Mr Berat Albayrak announced the Turkey´s economic plan at the meeting.

Chair of TİKAD, Ms Nilüfer BULUT attended iftar dinner hosted by First Lady Emine Erdoğan at Huber Palace in Istanbul

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