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The future will be the present one day

2006, starting with ourselves, society, our country and the entire world, puts all of us through a gruelling exam. Nowadays while we are approaching 2012, preposterous scenarios emerge from the files of conspiracy theorists one after another; on the other hand, concrete facts that we are faced with lead to "mind eclipses".
The people who had lived to see the first day of the 20th century thought that the humanity would live in a different world than ever before, in peace and happiness. They were right to think that. Because the inventions and discoveries in the 19th century, took the humanity to a stage that could not be imagined. industrial revolution opened up areas of both employment and consumption for the masses. But unfortunately, all these positive developments, which will continue their presence in the human mind forever, succumbed to the urge of "eradication". Ideological divisions caused unhappiness for hundreds of millions of humans. The technology was used to kill, not to let live.
The 21st century weakened the ideological polarisation with the effect of globalisation and helped people to get closer. Close encounters brought along the cultural influence as well. Communities had become more favourable to understand each other by getting purified from prejudices. This is why Turkey's covering a distance it was not able to cover for fifty years in terms of membership to the European Union in the last four years was not surprising. But unfortunately, this historic opportunity in front of the humanity, was blown up with "the fear of terrorism". Today the "clash of civilisations" replaced the ideological divisions.
When we examine the recent developments in the Middle East together with variations of scenarios, we see that the world's public opinion was caught unprepared for these events. Most of us do not forget to ask "for how long?" along with the question "What is happening?". Those perceived as terrorists for this society are declared heroes by other societies. Looking at this tableau, we can see more clearly the nature of the polarisation in the centre of which we stand.
All these events reinforce the strategic importance of Turkey by one fold.Turkey's being at a distance equal to the east and the west, crowning its historical heritage with democracy, in defiance to the "war fever" burning around her for many years, adopting and sustaining the culture of peace and having the potential to penetrate the global economy point out the necessity of Turkey's having influence in her region.Therefore, we should continue our internal policy and social relations always with the purpose of agreeing and generating solutions and we should reflect this approach to our external policy.
What has happened today is not different from what had happened in the past. What we should consider is to determine how we can maintain our decent stance in the face of these developments and which tasks we can undertake for the solution. We should execute politics as a profession for letting differences live together not allowing them to eliminate each other. And we should turn our faces towards the distant future.

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Chair Mrs Nilufer Bulut and vice-chair Mrs Sema Güral Sürmeli participated in a webinar called " Mothers at Business World" as speakers on Mother´s Day.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled the Economic Reform Package at a Meeting held in Istanbul. President of TİKAD Nilüfer Bulut attended the Meeting

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