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Interfaith tolerance fast-breaking dinner held with the participation of the Prime Minister

Mr. Prime Minister, Distinguished Guests,

I wish you all a good evening. I would like to thank you for honouring us with your participation. We are honoured to welcome you in this significant evening as Businesswomen of Turkey.
A famous philosopher, says "if you do not know your destination, the location you arrive at does not matter". Since the beginning of the 20th century, as a society we have tried to learn where to go. This search continued until the Great Leader named our destination as "contemporary civilisation". But unfortunately, we quickly forgot our destination and we fell considerably behind the countries that set out with us at the same time. We could not catch up with the change and very valuable years were recorded as lost for Turkey. 1940s were the maturation age of our democracy, we started progressing in the 1950s, 1960s passed with the fights of people who share the same thoughts for the society, for the state and for the future but were representing two poles due to non-communication. These lost years continued until after 1980. So how much influence did we, women, have in this process? Unfortunately over the years we as women have only discussed our position in the social life. We did not take part in political, economic, and cultural life as much as required. That is why the concept of "Catching up with the change" is as much of vital significance for us, women as it is for Turkey. At this point it has become necessary to catch up with the expansions required by the age and to develop new projections in this direction. This is why we have adopted the argument "for change..." when we have set off as Turkish Businesswomen. Today, here, welcoming the architects of change and celebrating the victory of peace and tolerance in the middle of the clash of civilizations is a source of pride for us.

TIKAD has its purpose of organisation, the vision it has developed and a wide field of activity within the framework of rules that it has. As TIKAD; we advocate the development of vision that it is human-oriented in terms of development by giving priority to environmental problems, poverty reduction, justice, equality of opportunity, education, research and development, health and social safety areas. In addition, we can describe TIKAD as: an organisation thinking that in our region where civilisations and economies are in search of a new synthesis, a new equilibrium and multi-faceted cooperations are concentrated, instead of Turkey's being the loser country in this process, she is a country that has the potential to directly influence others; an organisation believing that the country's bing adopted by all her dynamics would create a greater impact and synergy; TIKAD is described as a think tank organisation.

As TIKAD, we are ready to cooperate on any matter that will be for the benefit of the country. In this context, I would like express my gratitude to Mr. Cem Kalyoncu who made this organisation happen and our valued guests on behalf of TIKAD board of directors.

TIKAD is set to host the First Lady of the Republic of Turkey, as well as prominent business leaders at an exclusive Conference titled "The role of Business world in Building a Sustainable Green Economy," on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in New York.

Chair Mrs Nilufer Bulut and vice-chair Mrs Sema Güral Sürmeli participated in a webinar called " Mothers at Business World" as speakers on Mother´s Day.

TIKAD and HALKBANK held a first online Forum and discussed the cooperation after the Halkbank established a Women Entrepreneurs Banking department

TIKAD and DEIK-France Business Council jointly organized online webinar on mutual economic relationship

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled the Economic Reform Package at a Meeting held in Istanbul. President of TİKAD Nilüfer Bulut attended the Meeting

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