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Press release of TIKAD's establishment

Dear friends,
Dear members of the press, 
I respectfully greet all of you, on behalf of All Business Women's Association, TIKAD.
TIKAD, which we have started out and created believing that it would have important contributions to Turkey's future, has gained its identity as of 1 March 2004. 
I am sure that all of you are asking "What is TIKAD?" and "Why was such an organisation needed?". TIKAD is an association established with the desire to bring together business women and working women and increase their impact on public opinion in line with professional leadership, contribute to Turkey's social and economic development and take an active role in the integration of Turkey with the modern world and with the aim of bringing a new breath to the business world.
Dear friends,
Global change is affecting us deeply as it is affecting the entire world. This change is a dynamic and continuous change. We, as women in Turkey, must analyse the dynamics of change correctly and develop new strategies so as not to left out of this process and not to be detached from the world. Because, this change affects developing countries like ours, more deeply. For this reason, Turkey must be ready at all times to fulfil the rising demands of change in political, social and particularly economic areas and take the necessary actions.
As TIKAD, on this very first day that we are before the public opinion we declare that we will be a watchdog for determination and implementation of policies during and after the change period.State Institute of Statistics announced the growth rate in the last quarter of 2003 to be 7.2. The annual growth rate, turned out to be above the estimates, was realised as 5.9. National income has increased at record levels and inflation fell to single digits after many years.
In the past one and a half years, interest rates fell almost 50 per cent. When considered only on the basis of figures, these are positive developments. However, these developments regarded as very positive in the world of figures, are not reflected to the society in real terms. It follows that, particularly the government and no one, should settle for just a numeric success.
For the economic recovery to be reflected on the society as soon as possible, policies preventing income inequality and unemployment should be urgently put in effect.
In this regard, the government and we, the employers, have great duties. For the new investments to increase, the government should put incentivising policies into practice and employers should increase new investments increasing employment and preventing unemployment.
Dear friends,
We find the government's half-year performance successful. We believe that the government's efforts and initiatives on reaching the European Union target particularly and on Cyprus matters as well, should be supported. Economic recovery, the slow emergence of the environment of trust before the domestic markets and foreign investors are promising developments for the future. However, it should not be forgotten that continuation of this positive air will be possible by the government's pursuing these stable and enduring policies. "Stability", is the magic word for the process that Turkey is going through. At this point, we would like to indicate that as TIKAD, we will put our efforts to meticulously carry out all kinds of tasks in our responsibility to their completion.
For the foreign capital to come to our country, the initiative of overseas visits which the Prime Minister is carrying out for a while, has been productive for the Turkish business men. No one should doubt that in the future, beside Turkish Businessmen, Turkish Business Women under the roof of TIKAD as well will complete the tasks appointed to them successfully. We would like to announce here that we are working on important projects to improve Turkey's image and raise Turkey's grade in foreign economic and financial circles.
Moreover, our cooperation with foreign business women, if supported by government policies, will point the way for new investments and initiatives for our country.Local election results, have made the blessings of the one-party power closer to our people. The government is given a great chance to ensure that economic recovery is reflected to our people. The government's using this chance appropriately and in good faith is inevitable for the benefit of the country. And this is what we both hope and expect.
Dear friends,
Dear members of the press,
We are planning to visit Mr President Ahmet Necdet Sezer and Mr Prime Minister with our founding members on behalf of all women and exchange ideas with them as soon as possible. These visits are important to us in terms of getting suggestions of Mr President and finding out the thoughts of Mr Prime Minister.
TIKAD, besides aiming to develop a new vision to the business world, will carry our all the necessary tasks that concern the future of Turkey in line with the Great Leader's "contemporary civilisation" target.
We announce to the public in advance that in the coming period, we will carry out national and international activities and we will consult with other associations established for the same purpose especially in developed countries. I believe that the public support that we will create with the contribution of our esteemed members of the press, will take us to success on this path we set off excitedly and I present my respects.
Thank you.

TIKAD is set to host the First Lady of the Republic of Turkey, as well as prominent business leaders at an exclusive Conference titled "The role of Business world in Building a Sustainable Green Economy," on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in New York.

Chair Mrs Nilufer Bulut and vice-chair Mrs Sema Güral Sürmeli participated in a webinar called " Mothers at Business World" as speakers on Mother´s Day.

TIKAD and HALKBANK held a first online Forum and discussed the cooperation after the Halkbank established a Women Entrepreneurs Banking department

TIKAD and DEIK-France Business Council jointly organized online webinar on mutual economic relationship

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled the Economic Reform Package at a Meeting held in Istanbul. President of TİKAD Nilüfer Bulut attended the Meeting

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