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BEŞİKTAŞ sports club and TIKAD gave a press conference together against the violence in sport

Distinguished President, Distinguished members of Besiktas Community and valuable members of the press;
As a society we move steadily forward towards the pit of non-communication on each day. Recently we have experienced incidents upsetting entire Turkey and particularly Besiktas community. Attributing these negative events solely to Besiktas community and trying to reach the solution with unsuitable methods are extremely wrong. To avoid any more of these events it is necessary to form an awareness with participation of all sections of the society. In light of these considerations, as of today, we have initiated a campaign to restore our serenity which has been disturbed with increasing social violence and while doing this, to put an end to the "non-communication" which is the origin of all problems in Turkey by benefiting from the unifying and guiding role of sports.
After the recent events, it has become necessary to start a social movement. Individuals who are not troubled to understand each other prefer engaging in conflicts and this situation leads to events disturbing the peace of the whole society. This is why we invite everyone to understand each other better and to look for solutions of the problems in communication. The Great Leader says in one of his speeches in 1926: "A society can not change its colour and strength only with sports. It is necessary to implement the initiatives and measures aimed at providing the hygienic, social, civilised and many other needs and conditions that are prominent there."
As writing-thinking minds, we do the detection and diagnosis of problems correctly, but we begin the treatment before preparing the operating room necessary for making the treatment. All this causes the disease to turn into gangrene rather than treating the disease. Lack of communication is the basis of the problems of social life. Communities that can communicate with each other correctly and sufficiently capture the era whereas the societies remaining behind are drifted to the pit of unrest and intolerance. We, as a society, are surrounded by disturbing events originating from non-communication each year. The events of recent days in football stadiums picture the tragic tableau of our current status. At this point, both our police organisation and private security units have great duties. It is of great importance that especially the private security teams under the auspices of our clubs should be formed of highly educated and skilled people.
Our campaign entitled "Stop The Non-communication" will continue throughout the year and it will not be limited only to sports. Activities aiming to minimise the social non-communication not only in sports but also in all areas of social life will be held. In this framework, we will cooperate with governors in the first place, local municipalities and police. Campaigns will be prepared in collaboration with the media for the dissemination of the campaign to entire Turkey. The status at the end of one year will be determined in figures and activities required for the next year will be planned.
When the non-communication problem is solved, we will not face with situations that disturb our social serenity. Turkey has suffered a lot from the problem of non-communication in the last fifty years. We can not live with this problem in the forthcoming fifty years. We say "Stop the Non-communication!" for the future of our children and for a more civilized Turkey. We invite everyone to being more understanding, more tolerant, and seeking the solution of problems in communication!

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