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Security or Freedom?


The attack of September 11, 2001 in a modern society that has reached a new world order has brought forward a question: security or freedom - which one is going to be the determining factor of the ‘main paradigm’ in this new order?


Dear friends, the developing technology and the rapidly globalizing world as its result, lead to creation of “the world in Orwell’s head”, increasing attacks and waves of more violent terror, caused “mankind” to look for more security. As we look back at the social-political-economic views throughout the history, we can see that communities have either came to unite in order to feel “secure” or chose to fight against one another as they were disturbed for not feeling secure. The system has always been shaped between thesis-antithesis. The ones, who remained in between without having been able to question the reality, started their search of “security” or have been induced by the ones, who developed-shaped the system, to fall into the “dialectic structure”.


I would like to give an example from my own country, from Turkey, which is on the way of becoming one of the main actors in the New World Order. The previous bipolar world order, in which the Soviet Union had taken its position against the U.S., forced other world nations to “choose (their) place” between thesis-antithesis! Turkey too has taken up its position in this dialectic. We have seen and lived that against the “exaggerated Soviet threat”, Turkey was pushed to the Western bloc senselessly and unrestrained. Turkey felt a need to establish the second biggest army in NATO and to stand against the Soviet tanks, and therefore spent its resources mostly needed for economic development for “armament” in a fashion of exaggerated fear and without questioning. Then one day we wake up to see that the dialectic frame had fallen and “Soviet threat” has become meaningless. I will put one more remark; the Red Army, which was alleged to invade Turkey, could not even succeed in Chechnya. Then the question arises; who misled us, fed us with fears in the old world order, exaggerated “the security perceptions” and had blown off the course of the freedom dynamics!


Let us look at recent history. After the fall of the “old world order” in 1989 a new one was needed and the new “paradigm” came into existence after 2001. The new equation has the U.S. as superpower and this time on the opposite side the perception of “Midddle East based Islamic Terror”. A choice has to be made between the superpower and terror, just like the in the case of choosing between the U.S.A. and the Russia, and the political-social-economic dynamics were reshaped accordingly.


Dear friends, freedom-security balance is there in the human nature, ingrained deep into conscious and unconscious dynamics. As long as humankind exists it will continue to be “questioned”, it is however “a holistic concept”. It is basically a questioning, even a conflict that starts from individual level and continues through all levels into a communal consciousness. There is no certain answer to what the rate should be or how the synthesis should look like. If the balance is not at an optimum point, then unhealthy communities may arise where freedom or security has been too strongly stressed. At this point, the most important assignment is in the hands of governing bodies, such as governments, its dynamic extensions and leaders, who can lead us and shape our thinking. A dreadful example of history; Hitler, creates a threat out of nothing, makes people believe him/convinces his people of its reality and violates the balance of security-freedom. We can look at the more recent history. After 2001 all the events that happened in the U.S. and by using these occurrences the Orwell type state structures...


Finally; humankind has been searching for security since its first step on earth, its fight for survival in nature and as soon as they started living in crowds tried to keep security-freedom in balance. Going through a time period without balance of security-freedom, I wish the world to find “optimum point” in the name of all peoples of the world and to build healthy social structures...

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